Entry 41: Ogre caves - Forgotten Halls revisited

The next day the three of us discussed what to do this day. After some conversation, I remembered my and Torfins failed attempt at helping a lady-ranger get some information. I told the others about it. Andras couldn't remember haveing spoken with this lady, and we desided to go talk with her. Just outside the tradingpost we met a man who introduced himself as Trendt, another adventurer looking for something to do. He desided to tag along with us, and we didn't object to that.

After hearing the ladys story, we agreed to make a try at the ruins the ogres inhabbit and see if we could find any clues to why they had attacked the lady-rangers party. Outside the cave we met Torfin, he had planned to use his magic to get himself into the library on the first floor, to see if he could learn anything about the ruins. He was very glad to have some company. We entered and fought our way further in. The five of us didn't have to much trouble with the ogres.

So we made it down to the main hall. There we where greeted by a BIG fire giant. He mocked us and said we couldn't kill him. He also told us that he was the one commanding the ogres and haveing them raid the lady-rangers party. When he attacked us, we defended ourselves and managed easily to defeat him. On him I found a BIG sword and a journal. Reading the journal, I found that some unknown powers keeps resurrecting the giant each time he is killed. Gralg mentioned that he had been here before, slaying the giant that time to. Why didn't he tell us this earlier...

He showed us an indentical sword to the one I had found. He tried useing both swords at the same time but found it to hard to do, and discarded the idea. I let the others read the journal. Then we returned to the Lady-ranger and gave her the journal. When we had delivered the journal, a messenger came running to Gralg with a message from Xio. After reading it, he told us he was going to Hamley. We desided to follow.

West of Hamley we met Xio. He told us that he had confronted Anyndur, and that it had ended in a fight. Xio had defeated Anyndur, but healed him afterward, and let him run. We stood there talking a bit about Anyndur, but nothing came out of it. We went and took a break in Hamley.