Entry 45: Kobolds and Orcs

After a nights rest in the Inn, the three of us desided to do some more exploring. And this time we desided on the kobold caves, down past the warning signs. We went there, and came to a strange cave with a erie blue glow. The warning sign was right, there where monster there. Big beetles and those strange big chicken like creatures, Hook Horros I've heard them called.

The monsters where not that hard to handle among the three of us, as long as we where carefull. And we made it down to a cave where there were a door set in the stone. The door was not locked, so we took a peek inside. It looked to be a room inhabited by a wizard or schoolar of some sort. Lots of books and strange devices. There was also a journal laying open. The open pages told about a riddle and some pools. Also something about a guardian.

We followed the directions in the journal, and found the guradian. It was a tough battle, but we won in the end. Close to the guardian was a black spot on the floor. Torfin suggested it might be the remains of the owner of the journal. There where three pools around the guardian, and while I looked at the spot, Torfin and Lomir had each looked in a pool. Suddenly Lomir started yelling "I'm blind, I'm blind!", and Torfin was standing completly still, not moving at all.

Lomirs blindness didn't last long, Thank Yondalla. But Torfin still didn't move. While me and Lomir discussed what to do, whatever had held Torfin passed away. I noticed that there was a third pool, and ofcourse, I had to have a look. I looked down into the water, and suddenly the cave and pool was gone. And I found myself surronded by ugly creatures, they where as supprised as me, but didn't hesitate long to attack me!

I jumped and dived in between two of them, and tumbled to a stand behind the group. I figured to get away from them, but hen Torfin and Lomir appeared in the middle where I had stood, so I turned, and started fighting. The creatures were not as though as they looked, and with my fists, Torfins magic and Lomirs bow skills, we soon had them on a run. We noticed some glowing arrows on the ground and desided to follow them. I kept my eyes on the arrows, and when I looked about, Torfin and Lomir was gone! Takeing another step, I bumped into Torfin. He had used invisibility on them, without telling me... Nice joke.

Following the arrows we came to a portal, it brought us to the inside of some building. Tired, we all desided to find an exit. Fihting our way past some thougher ugly creatures, we found one that seemed to be the leader of the lot. He wasn't in a mood for talking, so as usual we ended up fighting. He was much stronger than the others, but we were three against one, so he really didn't stand a chance.

We found the exit just after that, and was all glad to breath fresh air. Hmm, well, the air wasn't so fresh actually. We recognized the place to be Poisonwood, and that place isn't nice. We desided to get some rest, and I got some time to write in my journal.