Entry 47: Missing companion and Ghosts

Haveing nothing to do, I remembered a lady down at the Cobblewall inn asking for some help. I went down and talked with her. She still needed help looking for her missing companion. So I told her I'd look into it. According to people in Cobblewall, there is a secret tunnel going from Cobblewall to Poisonwood.

I went down in the basement to look for this tunnel, and stubled over a floating head! It was a ghost and it just kept talking about something I just couldn't make any sence of. Since it did seem quite harmless, I continued to look for the passage, and found it soon thereafter.

In Poisonwood, I looked for the cave the lady had talked about her companion beeing dragged into. And I found a cave too, apperantly not the right one though. It was inhabited by a lady elf ghost. Strange how many ghost I met this day... Anyway, she really scared me when she appeared, but she looked nice and sounded so too, so I stayed to chat for a bit.

She told me a story of a elven city, a battle and some great evil stirring again. The celestials took care of this evil last time, and should be able to do it again, I think she said. Anyway, she gave me a rune stone, and told me to show it to some lady living in the Poisonwood, to get a key to the ruins of the elven city she told me about. In there, I would find a lich guarding a seal that I should bring to the Celestials. I agreed to try to do this, but first, I wanted to look for that missing companion.

I found the cave, and recognized it as the place I came out of with Torfin and Lomir on our adventure some days earlier. I fought my way down to their jail dungeoun. In there I found a big room, with a bridge leading to a place guarded by two archers and two very BIG stone golems. I used some throwing stars to take care of the archers without alarming the golems. Then, I lured one of the golems out on the bridge, so it blocked the way for the other one.

It was big, real big. And made out of stone. But I found that my punshes where hard enough to hurt it, though it's punshes when it managed to hit me, almost flattened me. Useing all my dexterity and focus that I've learned to my training, I manged to defeat the first one... Knowing I had to defeat a second one, was not a happy thought. It took some time, and really hard work, but I did it! Only to find the place empty...

I looked around the place some more, but found no trace of the missing companion. I went back to the lady to see if someone else had rescued her, but the companion was still missing, and the lady seemed very worried now. I was totally beat from fighting those big golems, so I got a room and went to bed.